Website Relaunch

Welcome to the Gregorios Lodge No. 865 website relaunch!!

This website represents one of the first steps in revitalising the Lodge and bringing it back into the modern era.  This website was initially launched back in 2006 and to the best of my knowledge was single-handedly built and maintained by WBro. Jim Karabatsos.

Shroud in mystery, Freemasonry is often misrepresented, and in my honest opinion,  just plainly misunderstood. Hopefully this website can shed some light and provide explanations that may correct some misconceptions.  Inside these digital pages contains a rich source of information for new and existing members, friends, family and for the general public with a curious interest about the Craft.

As this website is being rebuilt from scratch there will be the occasional error, dead link, missing page, etc.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me so this can be fix as soon as possible.

Please visit us regularly as we continue this journey of discovery together.


The Webmaster

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